Preparing a new project

Preparing a new project

I had some minor success this evening preparing for a new project to build a MIDI controller utilizing raveloxmidi.

I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi Zero W as the main CPU and I set up a breadboarded version of how it’s going to work along with some Python code to poll the hardware and integrate with raveloxmidi.

It actually works but the latency is too great so I’m going to switch the Pi Zero out with a Pi 2 or 3 if I can find one in my pile.

I’m pretty excited because I’ve gone from concept to working prototype in a couple of hours and I already know what the final product is going to look like.

I’ve had this brilliant idea…

So, it’s like this you see….

I decided today that I needed a project to consolidate my time and give me a goal to achieve instead of aimlessly wandering around Azeroth beating people up.

I want a Raspberry Pi ( but I want to have a reason to get one and not leave it in a box somewhere doing nothing.

Today’s brilliant idea is to put together a midi interface for my ION Sound Sessions drum kit that’s gathering dust in the garage.