What’s the (decimal) point ?

So guess who read the capacitance incorrectly ?

4.7uF is *not* the same as 4.7nF. Like I suspected, I’m using a capacitor that’s too big for the job. So, I’ve ordered some nano-Farad capacitors.

I played around with replacing the 1M ohm resistor with a variable potentiometer and that allows me to “tune” the signal a little more so that I can make the circuit more or less sensitive.

I think I also need to change the algorithm that’s sampling the data because it has some problems where it’s still measuring the decay (which should go away once the right capacitor is in place) but it’s also displaying the same measurement in a short period of time (milliseconds ?).

I did have it so that the measurement is only done when the delta between the current reading and the last one was positive ( an increase ) but that doesn’t allow for when I go from a hard hit (high number) to a light tap ( low number ). I figure that if the capacitor was smaller, the voltage will be held for a shorter amount of time and will drop to zero quicker meaning that sampling a positive delta will always be an intended event. TIme will tell. I’m just waiting for the postman now.

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