Rolling cabinet

On the rare occasion that I decide to make some (amateur) music, I head to the garage. For the longest time, I was using an old desk but this was taking up too much space. In our never-ending quest to tidy the garage, we donated it to a local goodwill store but that left me with needing something to store my recording equipment. It had to be more compact than a desk and I wanted something mobile too.

So, I put together a rolling cabinet using 3/4″ plywood with a couple of shelves and a couple of drawers. It gave me the excuse I needed to get out  the air compressor and brad nailer that I got for Christmas. So, only 7 months later and it’s finally being put to use.

What I learned from using it is that rectifying mistakes with brad nails is harder than with screws but it’s a cool tool to use 🙂

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